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Buying Trends and Deals This Year


Buying Trends and Deals This Year

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Hope you all are doing good. Let’s talk about buying trends and deals this year. With the advent of computers and mobile phones, online shopping has made our life so easy and comfortable.  We don’t need to go out in this scorching heat of summer and run store after store looking for our products. The task which previously used to take hours to complete if not half a day can now be done within minutes at our fingertips. We can search hundreds of websites and grab our deals.

The number of mobile phone users in India are growing every passing day. With over 50% of its population below the age of 25 years, India has a booming economy with huge numbers of potential buyers to tap in. Major retail and eCommerce giants realize that hence they are all trying to woo the Indian customers with discounted products and deals which they offer from time to time.

Some of the best-selling items in India over the years have been clothing apparels followed by consumer electronics. Next in line is footwear, with food items, jewelry, toys, kitchen items following suit. Clothing apparels constitute around 35% of the revenue generated through online sales and it is expected to grow more in the years to come. Mobile phones are another segment which is highly in demand for our ever-growing smart phone shoppers. Few companies are offering special discounts to only customers who are buying through online portals. Hence, encouraging potential buyers to shop online.

With young men and women equipped with smart phones in their hand, it has become easier for shoppers to search and buy the best deals at any time of the day or night from anywhere. Whether, you are in college or office, or just hanging out with friends or relatives. Just take out few minutes from your schedule and buy things instantly at the click of your finger.

The most sale-able clothing items for men is generally shirt, t-shirt and jeans. For women, it could be anything from Kurtis to sarees to sandals, bags and what not.

What do you think is the most trending items this year? Please feel free to give in your views in the comment box. Wish you all happy shopping!! God bless you all.


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